Monier India News

Monier crosses sales of five crore tiles in India!

Tuesday 28, June 2016

Since its inception in the Indian market, Monier has catered to the needs of an ever increasing and ever demanding roof market of India comprising of end customers, builders, architects and multiple villa projects. We thank...

Monier launches Coloroof Plus II clay tiles

Thursday 21, April 2016

Monier India launched the new Coloroof Plus II to its clay roof tile collection. The new profile is exclusively imported from Malaysia and is available in matte, semi glazed and glazed colors. For more information, please click...

Monier launches new Spanish Clay Profiles

Monday 16, March 2015

Monier India launched two new imported Spanish Clay tile profiles from its own manufacturing plant in Europe. The two new profiles would be available in India under the brands Roman12 and Plana.

Monier India launches TopFlex II and CompactRoll II

Monday 16, March 2015

Monier India launched the upgraded variants of its Ridge & Hip solutions during the Roofing Partners Meet 2015. TopFlex II would replace TopFlex, and CompactRoll II would replace CompactRoll. The new products are more durable...

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