Produced in Bangalore (Karnataka), Elabana, a concrete roof tile, is the result of MONIER’s worldwide research and development expertise. Originally developed for tropical countries that experience heavy rain, it is a major success in countries like Malaysia, China, USA and many European countries. It has been introduced in India to protect homes from the severe monsoons experienced here. Elabana is designed for a contemporary look and is available in many colours. It is a perfect blend of durability, versatility and beauty. It is valued for its dimensional stability and low water absorption. Each tile is meticulously finished with a glossy efflorescent.

Unique Features

  • Easy installation
  • Double grooved tiles with variables overlap
  • Special top treatments to prevent dust and fungi formation
  • Wide range of long-lasting plain and double-tone colours
  • Complete range of fittings


  • ~ 10 tiles/sq m = 0.93 tiles sq feet
  • Minimum slope: 170
  • Unit weight: 4.2 kg
  • Straight joint and break joint
  • Compliant to European standards
  • Dimensional stability and low water absorption
  • Three decompression chambers under the tile improves water-tightness at the tile overlapping area
  • Low energy consuming manufacturing process
  • Unmatched production capacity in India

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