Flat roofing

Carving the future with flat roofing

With their clean lines and practical additional space, flat roofs are an increasing popular choice for all kinds of buildings, ranging from industrial to residential. As the leading supplier of high-quality systems for a variety of applications, we know what it takes to make your roof go beyond providing a protective shelter under which life and business can thrive. Whether you want to create extra living space for your family, reduce your company’s carbon footprint with improved insulation, or even create a garden space for the whole community, we have the right solution for your project.

BMI Everguard delivers multiple benefits for your roof - as a hardwearing, reliable TPO product and a complete solution.


The full BMI EverGuard system comprises TPO membrane and accessories, insulation, fasteners, a VCL layer and liquid detail sealing – all from BMI, all designed to work as a complete solution.