Coppo Domus

Coppo Domus - Premium imported clay tile from Monier Italy
Coppo Domus - natural red antique tiles from Monier Italy

Made in state of the art manufacturing facility at Monier Spa, Italy, Coppo Domus forms the solution for creating traditional Italian architecture. It is a premium clay profile giving the appearance of the ancient Italian “coppo” design. Made with a stunning ‘handmade’ feel, Coppo Domus is a must have solution for Architects and Builder community who wants to showcase spectacular roofs.

Coppo Domus is available in three standard colors: Natural Red, Vintage and Antique.

Unique Features

  • Premium imported clay roof tiles from Italy.
  • Good performance in terms of strength, impermeability and durability.
  • Suitable for low pitched roofs (may be used from 16 degree slope onwards with Monier Waterproofing underlays)

Technical Details

  • Coverage: 11.5 tiles / sqm
  • Size: 278mm x 460mm
  • Weight: 3.6 Kg / tile

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