Wakaflex brings a nice finishing for abutments
Around a chimney, it perfectly finishes the roof


Abutments are the locations of the roof where the slope of the roof meets a vertical area, such as a wall or chimney. You may find slide abutments or top abutments and eventually abutment around a chimney.

For these particular areas where the roof tiles end and a gap usually appears between the last tiles and the wall, MONIER has developed a specific item of high quality : Wakaflex®

Wakaflex is an innovative, high quality, universal product for better finishing on abutment for wall, rising structure (eg. Dormers) and other abutments on the roof. It is the most Versatile solution for abutments anywhere on the roof.

The surface of Wakaflex is smooth and Dirt Repellent. Wakaflex is Tough and Durable. This is the result from the high quality material and the insert of high quality Aluminium Rib Mesh.

Technical information

Wakaflex Materials : Polyisobutylene (PIB) with aluminium rib mesh insert and butyl adhesive edges.
Temperature Stability :-40°C to +100°C in accordance with DIN 52133.
UV-Resistance : In accordance with DIN 16726 and DIN 16731.
Standard Colours : Red, Brown and Anthracite .
Size :  28cm width X length of a roll : 10m (can be cut with scissors)
Weight :10m roll = approx. 10kg.
Packaging : 3 rolls of 10m each



Camel flash

Camelflash is a rollable high quality and innovative universal product  for better finishing on abutments.

Its unique features include:

•  High aesthetical abutment finishing with selection of matching colors to your roof

•  Very easy and sticks forever once installed

•  Flexible and highly stretchable to fit all tile profiles 

•  Water tight and superior weather resistant 


More about Camelflash.....

Wakaflex is a highly technical product
Wakaflex is compatible with both Coloroof and Elabana
Along with a wakastrip, it ensures a waterproofing performance
Laying wakaflex does not require any tool, but a pair of scissors