Aesthetic mortar

Pigmented Bed & Point Compound

Not convinced by our dry solution ?

MONIER Pigmented Bed & Point Compound is the perfect solution for a colour matching wet ridge and hip fixing. It is a high quality product, which provides perfect blend and better bonding between ridges and tiles. This product comes in many different colours; therefore, providing colour options that match unnoticeably with the roof. This product is also easily applied and is economical.

Material Composition: Portland cement, selected grade sand, colour oxide, and chemical additives.
Colours: colour of  tile matches
Weight (approx.): 5 kg/pack.
Coverage: 6 meters or 20 feet run/pack of 5 kg.(approx.) of ridge/hip

Mixing Instruction
1) Measure 20 kg (approx. 2 level small pails) of clean sand.
2) Empty one bag of Monier B&P Compound to the measured quantity of clean
sand and mix thoroughly dry.
3) Add sufficient clean water and mix thoroughly to a workable mortar.
4) Use mortar within one hour of mixing with water.
5) Do NOT adulterate mortar with calcium carbonate (slaked lime) or Ordinary Portland Cement or any cement admixture.

B&P is packaged in 5kg bags
Selection of pigments to match tile colors
Nice finish with red color and fittings