Radiant Barriers

Radiant barrier laid below Elabana tile on a concrete deck
Radiant barrier foil

Aluminium radiant barrier

Many radiant barriers are made of metallised surfaces, which reflect about 50 to 60% of heat radiations. Our MONIER radiant barrier is a pure aluminium foil with a minimum radiation reflection of 95% (and up to 99%).

In addition our extensive Research and Development activity allowed us to innovate, producing a high density polyethylene woven structure. This synthetic structure is much more resistant to moisture than paper based foil and is highly resistant to tears.

As the main goal of our radiant barriers is to protect Indian buildings from external heat, only the external face is reflective to the radiation.

It is highly advised to use our radiant barriers along with a ventilation system in order to evacuate the heat accumulated between the barrier and the tiles:

Three layers technology
97% reflectivity
High resistance to tear

Technical information

Our Woven AL Radiant barrier is a 3 layer radiant barrier, using 1 layer of pure aluminium foil bonded to 1 layer of extra strong woven fabric.

It is packaged as roll of 62.5 m2 (1.25m*50m).

For watertighness application, a minimum overlapping of 200 mm is required and specific aluminium tape must be used between rolls.

Main characteristics :
Grammage : 100±15 g /sqm
Tensile : MD = 350 to 400 N/50 mm, CD = 100 to 200 N/50 mm 
Elongation : 15±5 %
Force at break : 100±20 N
Water vapour transmission rate <1 g/m2/day
Emittance of surface Aluminium foil : 97±2 % 

Woven AL Radiant barrier is manufactured in a Monier Group factory in Malaysia. It is also sold under the RadenShield™ brand name.

Veltisun RadenShield™

Product features:

Al foil 6um / tie layer / Nail Sealing Layer* / PP spunbond 30gsm; Total thickness 550um +/- 10um; Weight 500 gsm +/- 10gsm Total layers = 5 Roll width 1.5m Roll Length = as required but typically 50m

 *Nail Sealing layer is a proprietary information

RadenShield™ Bubble AL+

Radenshield™ Deluxe Bubble AL+ Roll
Five layer structure of Radenshield Bubble.

RadenShield™ Deluxe Bubble AL+ is the latest addition to Monier’s Heat Reflective Underlay segment. The technologically advanced Bubble series Radenshield ensures never before coolness and comfort to home interiors thanks to its improved conductive and convective heat resistant properties. Its unique five layer design with double sided Aluminium coating ensures substantial reduction in heat entrance and exit from the building envelope through roof.

Roll Specifications

Size: 1.22m x 40m

Coverage per Roll: 48.8 sqm

Thickness: 8mm


Bubble Size: 20mm diameter.