Rain Water Gutters

Gutters are critical components for roofs to channel the rain water from the roof to a desired location. With the whole of the country facing water shortage, Rain Water Harvesting measures are gaining prominence. Monier Gutter System will put you on a fast pace to be ready for utilizing your roof for rain water harvesting measures.

Monier offers Non-Metallic (Luxron) range of rain water gutter systems.

Luxron Non-Metallic Gutter System

Luxron non metallic upvc rainwater gutter system

Luxron from Monier is a high quality non-metallic Gutter System manufactured at Japan. It is highly modular, stylish while being very durable and aesthetically pleasing for most of the architectural types.

The unique weather resistant coating makes it ideal for long lasting and maintenance free installations without color fading on UV exposure from sun.

The best feature of Luxron range of gutters is its super-fast and easy installation.

Monier Luxla metal gutters exploded view
The components of Luxron™ uPVC rainwater gutter system
Monier Luxla metal gutters exploded view

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Monier Luxron Non Metallic Gutter System

Date: 07.02.2017 | Size: 634Kb

Leafguard prevents leaf and other debris falling into the rainwater gutter system and establishes an unclogged drain