Roof ventilation

The comb is located below the 1st row of tiles
Once in place, it prevents access below the tile but lets the air circulate for better roof comfort

Eave filler comb

The eave filler comb is a very simple item that allows the air to enter between the tiles and the structure of the roof, while preventing animals (birds, bats, squirrels, rates, etc...) from nesting below these roof tiles, which is always a source a nuisance for the owner of the house.

Technical information :

Material : flexible PVC, black color, Length : 1m


Alternative to eave filler combs at the bottom of the roof, air circulation can be generated with ventilation tiles.
These tiles are the same color as the Elabana main tiles and just replace one normal tile.

We usually advise to locate these tiles at the 2nd row from the eave row and to place about one ventilation tile every 1.5 m to ensure good air flow below your tiles.
The ventilation tiles can be also placed on the top of the roof slope (at the 2nd row from the ridge line). It will facilitate hot air evacuation from the top of the roof, for better comfort.

Ventilation of the top of a roof
A ventilation tile
Eave filler comb