Tiles fixing

A safe roof for your building and for people around

It is important that roof tiles are fixed properly on the roof to avoid accidents as well as leaks for your building. The main reason for roof tiles leaving their location is due to the wind and the slope of the roof.

  • For high slopes of more than 45°, all tiles must be fixed using cement mortar or mechanical devices such as nail, clips or screws.
  • In windy areas, we advise to mechanically fix two courses of tiles at eaves, ridges and verges for the full overhang.
  • Cut tiles at hips, valleys and abutments must be secured by nailing, wiring or multipurpose adhesive.
  • in coastal areas, every third tile on the roof must be mechanically fixed

All our Elabana roof tiles have a hole that enable easy fixing onto support strucutures.

With MONIER, each area of the roof has an appropriate fixing solution.