Technical guidance

Consider roofs with a new eye

So far in India, the main roof tiles available have been the Mangalore pattern clay tiles, in natural color. Now, with Coloroof and Elabana, architects can relook the way they think about roofing and give buildings a totally new appearance. In addition, architects and builders should also consider roof tiles a performing part of the house along with a decorative part. 

It is important to take into consideration different dimensions that we believe are critical when it comes to roofs :

  1. Aesthetics can be further improved by choosing new colors, using specific fittings and avoiding spoiling the roof with mortar
  2. Innovation can bring unmatched comfort in the house with better heat protection (see more about it>>>)
  3. Performance and innovative structure can make the roof and the building cost effective, keeping the look original.

By visiting this website, you may find ideas, inspiration and eventually, the roof and information you are looking for.

Laying on concrete deck
Metal structure