Clay or concrete tiles?

It is a question often raised by customers who are facing the choice to use Clay tiles or Concrete tiles. MONIER operates both clay tile factories and concrete tile factories and we are convinced each product has its own benefits.

In India, few investments have been done in the clay tile industry recently and the quality of the average clay tiles does not reach the usual international standard of this industry. At MONIER, we have invested in the latest available technology in Bangalore to produce a high quality concrete tile and in Calicut for the glazing process of our clay tiles.

Here is a quick benchmark we present you, based on our knowledge of the Indian roof tile industry :

Concrete Elabana by Monier Glazed clay Coloroof by MonierAverage Mangalore paTtern clay tiles
TechnologyWorldwide expertise, strong R&D, last extrusion technology available from Europe (2007)Worldwide expertise, strong R&D, new glazing process (2006)No known R&D and no technological advancement
ServicesSales support, execution supervision, after sales service, technological adviceSales support, execution supervision, after sales service, technological adviceNo specialised service
AvailabilityUnique production capacity in India, ideal for large projectsDepend on good quality clay tile availabilityScarcity of good quality products
Coverage10 per sqm (leading to savings in battens and laying time)13 per sqm13 per sqm
weight per sqmAbout 42kg, stable under the rainabout 36 kg, stable under the rainabout 36kg dry and 43 kg wet
FitTings and componentsComplete range of fittings and components for the roofFew fittings and large range of components for the roofV-shape ridge tile only
Colours availableDifferent colors available, including dual tone and antique shadeRange of long lasting colors availableNatural terracotta only
Water absorptionLess than 10% from the body, almost nil from the surfaceAbout 15% from the body, almost nil from the surfaceMore than 15%
Breaking strengthMore than 200kg after one monthabout 140kg, thanks to double firing process About 100kg
Water tighnessEnsured by double groove and dimension stabilityEnsured by double grooveSometime ensured by double groove but existence of warping due to firing process
AgeingMoss and algae resistant due to coating and low water absorptionMoss and algae resistant due to coating and low water absorptionEarly formation of moss and fungus due to high level of water absorption
Environment impactUnlimited natural resources and low energy consumer process. Recyclable material.Resources are "already-made" clay tiles. Recyclable material.Limited quantity of ancestral Indian clay reserves, few controls on exhaust and temperature. Recyclable material.



Concrete not hotter than Clay !

Our customers talk about our concrete tiles in a press article published in the Hindu© in May 2006.

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