Concrete deck or open roofs ?

A precasted structure for a cost efficient roof
Free sunlight with translucent tiles on an open structure
Original structure, with concrete rafters and metal reapers

Which structure for your roof ?

While the rest of the worls uses open structures (in metal or in wood) to suport roofs, in India the majority of roof tiles are laid on concrete decks. So the question for you is :

Concrete deck or open structure ?

In India, it has been a habit to build pitched roofs with a concrete deck below.  When roof tiles were not capable of providing a watertight solution for the roof, the concrete deck was probably a good choice for building owners who wanted a better feeling of security and protection. However, if you choose a concrete deck, there are some issues to consider :

  • the weight of the house is highly increased
  • the foundations and structures of the building must be reinforced to support this additional weight that is put on top of the building
  • the scarcity and increasing cost of cement does not make it cheap
  • eventually, the concrete is not waterproof and will need special additional chemical treatments to bring good protection
  • the time needed to cure the deck is about two weeks during which no tile can be laid.
  • concrete decks have a huge capacity to capture heat during the day and to release it during the night, making it a powerful heating system for your nights ! 

Now that MONIER has come to the market with its roofing systems, you can consider the following :

  1. a weatherproof roof without chemical treatments
  2. light metal open structures, which will provide a perfectly level roof meaning the tiles will match perfectly as well, creating the best performance in terms of weather tightness
  3. putting a radiant barrier between your tiles and your concrete deck to benefit from heat reduction, better comfort and eventually lower use of your air conditionning system and lower electricity bill

The advantages of a metal structure are :

  • the possibility to pre-cast the shape of the roof, especially for simple roof shapes
  • a time efficient laying process
  • perfect leveling
  • an overall structure that can be optimised to support only the weight of the roof and not of the deck...
  • the benefit of natural light with translucent tiles

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