Dry solutions : beauty and performance

Traditional 3 way apex with mortar...
... and MONIER finishing
Classic ridges with cracks...
... and MONIER dry and ventilating solution

Stop going for mortar solutions

Worldwide, MONIER has developed innovative solutions to improve the roof, its aesthetics and its performance. All over the world we support dry solutions for ridges, hips and abutments.

Putting mortar on a roof presents some majors issues :

  1. aesthetically, roof tiles are spoiled when mortar is used on the roof and mortar is more of an ugly fix than a beautiful finish
  2. performance wise, the expansion of the mortar is different from the expansion of the tiles leading to cracks and then to weak points where leaks begin to form

This is why we constantly advise our customers to use roof system components that will significantly improve the overall roof, for:

  • performance, with waterproofing solutions
  • comfort, with heat protection
  • maintenance, long lasting colors and no cracked mortar to replace
  • aesthetics, avoiding heavy mortar lines and benefitting from specific colors of fittings and components compliant with roof tile colors.