Time to change ?

It may be time to change your roof

Roof tiles are subjected to the worst nature can offer : long term exposure to sun, rain, wind, dust, etc... especially in tropical countries like India. With the long period of moonsons, the huge quantity of rain received and the high moisture of the atmosphere, classic clay tiles age quite quickly and become less brilliant than their original color. Tiles can also be damaged, which can lead to poor performance of your roof.

Together, with better performance, re-roofing can bring a new look to your house :

Your current roof

has faced the aggression of time and weather, it has darkened and is maybe leaking, it is time for an update !

With antic grey Elabana, 

The house looks much more modern and takes a new contemporaneous dimension.


With golden brown Elabana,

The house can take a look of traditional Mediterranean houses, with a light and heat resistant roof

With Coloroof green,

The house has a new dimension that makes it unique for a long, long time 


With our terracotta coloroof,

It looks like its 1st day and will remain like that for years, thanks to our glazing process. A traditional shape with high performance !

With Elabana antic red,

The roof acquires a modern touch while remaining very classic. The new shape and the dual tone color bring together a clear added value for the roof.


Interested in trying a roof simulation ?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Send us a digital picture of your house, we will show you how it will look like with a new roof


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