Abutment specification

Abutment solution specification :

The abutment between roof parts will be water-proofed using a dry solution without mortar. An isobuthyl-based roll, re-inforced with aluminium mesh will be used to ensure the watertighness. It will be minimum  28 mm wide.
The laying will be done by sticking first the vertical part on the wall, then the top of the tiles and eventually, the roll will be applied through the shape of the tile.
A strip will be fixed on the wall to prevent the abutment solution from pilling away from the wall.


Abutment gap should be less than 5 cm (2"); overlap on top roof tile and wall should be not less than 75mm (3") and ideally should be equally divided for the wall and the roof tile


Main technical characteristics

Wakaflex Materials : Polyisobutylene (PIB) with aluminium rib mesh insert and butyl adhesive edges.
Temperature Stability :-40°C to +100°C in accordance with DIN 52133.
UV-Resistance : In accordance with DIN 16726 and DIN 16731.
Standard Colours : Red, Brown and Anthracite .
Size :  28cm width X length of a roll : 10m (can be cut with scissors)
Weight :10m roll = approx. 10kg.
Packaging : 3 rolls of 10m each