Elabana specification

MONIER Elabana roof tile specification :

The roof will be covered with MONIER coloured concrete interlocking and double grooved roof tiles with Elabana® profile shall be 420mm x 330mm of size with under checks and three (3)decompression chambers, available with necessary roof fittings.


The tile will be colored with a cement-based coating during the manufacturing process, ensuring a long lasting color. The color will either :

  • single tone : orange, red, blue*, green*, etc...
  • dual tone : antic red, antic grey, golden orange, golden brown, antic blue, antic green etc... with randomly spraying effect, to maintain an "antic" look.

* on-demand colors can be developed and may need technical validation before being commonly approved by MONIER and its customers. 
Roof tile fittings will have a similar process of coloring and will be color-compliant with the main tiles.

Technical specifications for Elabana :

>17°  & <27°100 mm320mm10.4 /m243.7kg/m2
>27°75 mm345 mm9.6/m240.3kg/m2
(in Degrees)
batten space
Number of tile
per sqm
Unit weight*

* unit weight remain unchanged under rainny conditions as water absorption is almost nil from the top of the tile
The Elabana tile has a variable overlapping length starting from 75mm up to 125mm. This avoid unaesthetics cut-row of tiles on the roof and prevent from leakages on low slope roofs. Elabana can be laid with a straight or a broken interlocking method. Broken interlocking improves watertighness and aesthetics.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Size : 16.5’’ X 13’’ = 42 cm X 33 cm (including 3cm interlocking)
  • Linear cover per tile : 30 cm
  • From 9.6 to 10.4 tiles / m² (variable overlapping)
  • Minimum slope : 17°
  • Unit weight ± 4.2 kg per tile
  • Weight on roof :  from 3.7 kg/sft ~ 40.3 kg/sqm to 4kg/sft ~43.7 kg/sqm 

Along with the modern shape of the Elabana tiles, a large range of fittings, with similar colors, is available

Quality certificates

Our Elabana tiles are regularly tested to comply with quality norms. Find hereafter some certificates we received from recognised laboratories :
Chennai - National Test House 
Test certificate.pdf  
European Norm EN490:2004 test report
EN490:2004 Test report.pdf

Note : "Lafarge Roofing Technical Centers is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for technical competence for a defined scope as detailed in the laboratories schedule of accreditation"