Radiant barrier specification

Radiant barrier specification :

An aluminium film will be placed between the roof tiles and the structure of the roof. This film shall be made of synthetic structure (not paper based) to resist high moisture environment. Its reflective face will be placed up and will ba of pure aluminium (not metallised) for a radiation reflection higher than 95%.

On open structures :

Radiant barrier will fixed between the rafters and the battens. Ideally a counter-batten solution should be implemented.

On concrete decks :

Radiant barrier will be located between the concrete deck and the roof tiles. It will be maintained by the weight of the roof tiles

Water-proofing :

For an extra waterproofing proctection with radiant barriers, the rolls will be laid horizontally, from bottom to top. An overlapping of minimum 20cm should be respected and rolls should be solidarised together with specific aluminium tapes. (available in Monier's range of products)

Test Method
ISO 536
Tensile – MD and CD
AS 4200.1
350 – 400 and 100 – 200
Elongation – MD and CD
AS 4200.1
Force at break – MD and CD
ASTM D 2261
Water Vapour – transmission rate
ASTM F 1249
Emittance of surface Aluminium foil
ASTM E 408

Main technical characteristics:

  • 3 layer radiant barrier, using 1 layer of pure aluminium foil bonded to 1 layer of extra strong woven fabric.
  • Packaged as roll of 1.25m*48m = 60 sqm.

For watertighness application, an overlapping of 20 cm (7") is required and specific aluminium tape must be used between rolls to seal them together.

Laying on open, metallic structure
Laying with counter-battens