Worldwide technical expertise

Product and system testing

Good performance and ease of use on the roof are vital to the success of our roofing systems. This is why our test facilities allow us to analyse the performance of our products under all climatic conditions – a clear requirement given the variety of our global markets.

Innovative products often require new test methods and procedures, underpinned by extensive research. Our methods continually evolve to meet the challenges of new products and new markets and go well beyond the requirements of national, European and international standards.  For each new product, an individual test program is specified based on failure mode analysis.  Only once the product performs well in all respects is it finally approved for sale.

Our product testing methods are split into two main areas :

Research and development

Our focus on customer needs

MONIER aims to surpass the expectations of its customers with new or optimised products.  Know-how, exact market knowledge and creativity in striving for innovation are the key factors in this process.
During the product development phase, the marketing departments of the business units and the experts from the Technical Centre work together closely.