durability testing

Freeze-thaw testing

We use accelerated tests capable of predicting the durability behaviour of our products many years into the future, in any chosen climate.

The key to meaningful test procedures is knowledge of the weather conditions our products endure in a range of climates. The following list of weathering mechanisms illustrates the harsh environments experienced by roofing products together with the high performance, which must be achieved if a product is to stay both functional and aesthetically pleasing for many years or decades:

Sun light testing
Acid rain testing
  • Sunlight and UV radiation
  • Freeze-thaw resistance

  • Erosion due to acid rain

    • All rain is naturally acidic, but pollutants from the burning of fossil fuels cause increased acidity
    • Acid rain testing has been key to the development of many of our new products

  • Extremes and rapid changes of temperature

    • In some climates, products must endure changes in temperature of up to 50┬░C in as little as a few minutes

┬╗functionality testing