functionality testing

Functionality testing of new products and systems

Many tests require detailed knowledge of the local climate, in a form that is not available from meteorological services. Therefore, MONIER Technical Centre operates a network of automatic weathering stations in eight countries worldwide. The data is carefully collected and analysed to fulfil the needs of our testing.

Ease of laying and use on the roof

Laying trials are carried out to check for laying problems and any product weaknesses, ensuring that new products are “user friendly”.

Weather tightness

Wind tunnel testing in our Technical Centre’s state of the art wind tunnel checks for water and (where applicable) snow entry.

Wind loading and fixings

Meteorological data and computer software are used to determine the effects of extreme winds on our products and systems.  Testing then confirms the adequacy of the fixings.

Fire performance

A suite of tests is available to determine the performance of our products in a range of fire scenarios recognised in building regulations.

Roof Physics

With increasing emphasis on building system performance, MONIER Technical Centre has developed state-of-the-art computer software for predicting the movement of heat, air and moisture in roof constructions. This can predict the performance of any roof construction in any climate, given the desired energy efficiency, condensation risk and thermal comfort of the inhabitants

The software facilitates the development of innovative new roof products and systems, as well as influences building standards.

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